IPO/NCD Financing

IPO Financing offers an excellent opportunity to leverage retail investors’ funds in primary markets. You provide the margin money and the balance is financed by Jatalia Finance for subscription in the IPOs/ FPOs/ OFSs/ ETFs/ Buy Back and Bonds.This facilty helps you to apply for more shares despite the resource constraints.

*** IPO = Initial public offer; FPO= Further public offer; OFS = Offer for sale; NCDs = Non-convertible debentures

Feature & Benefits

• Fixed Finance Charges.
• Minimum margin amount.
• One time documentation process for all forth coming issues.
• Quick turnaround time.
• Loan amount upto Rs. 2 lacs in IPO/FPO/OFS and upto Rs. 10 lacs in NCDs/ Bonds.


• Any Indian Resident above the age of 18

KYC Form
• Application Form
• Basic KYC Documents
• Signing of LAS Kit
• POA for Demat and Bank Account

• POA Bank account has to be opened.
• Demat account needs to be opened.
• Interest rate subject to change from time to time.
• Lien on shares, if allotted.


What is IPO Financing?
Retail Investors who wish to apply for IPO but do not have enough funds or short of funds for applying we Jatalia Finance offer an excellent opportunity to them to invest in primary markets. Client provides the margin money and the balance is advanced by Jatalia Finance for subscription in the IPOs/ FPOs/Buy Back/OFS/ETFs and Bonds.

What is Margin Money?
Margin money is the amount that customer has to arrange to avail the IPO Financing.

What is POA Bank Account?
POA Bank Account is a simple current Bank Account on which client creates Power of Attorney in the favor of Jatalia Finance.

Can I/We operate the POA Bank Account?
No, you cannot operate this POA Current Bank Account., as you have given the operational right to Jatalia Finance through POA. You will not get cheque book, ATM/Debit Card and other facilities, neither you can withdraw the amount as provided in other normal Current Bank Account. However you will get Bank Statement periodically.

How Can I/We withdraw the amount then? Or repayment be made?
You can withdraw the fund from your POA Current Bank Account by giving a simple request to us to transfer the requisite amount. On receiving the request, we transfer the requested amount in your other Bank Account mapped with us.

How much time it takes to receive the amount so requested?
The requested amount is transferred within 2 working days from the date of receiving the request.

Can I/We open the POA Current Account in any Bank?
No, the POA Current Account should be opened only in the JATALIA Finance’s choice of Bank.

I/We have a Demat Account. Can I/We avail the IPO Financing?
For availing IPO Financing, a Valid Demat Account in Indo Jatalia Securities Pvt. Ltd. is a must. If you have Demat Account with any other DP then a new funding DP has to be opened.

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